1. Adult Relief
Woman laying in bed looking at her phone

Quick Tips for Headaches, Muscle Pain and More

Find out how to relieve and prevent your pain.


Learn about common arthritis symptoms, and how to relieve and prevent arthritis pain.

Woman doing yoga to relieve arthritis pain

8 Tips & Remedies for Arthritis Pain Relief At Home

Are you experiencing tenderness or pain around your joints?

Three happy women holding hands and roller skating at the park

Knee Arthritis: 3 Ways to Help your Joints De-Stress

What you can do to help reduce knee strain while you exercise.

Period Pain

Learn more about period cramps and get tips on period pain relief.

Illustration of a woman doing yoga with a heating pad and MOTRIN® bottle

Relief from Period Cramps

Period cramps affect more than half of women during their periods. Learn more about the causes and relief tips.

Cold + Flu

Learn more about cold and flu symptoms, and how to get relief.

Older women handing a cup of tea to a sick older man on the couch

Concerned About a Fever?

Learn what is considered a fever, and how to effectively manage fever symptoms.

Dosing + Use

How to relieve tough pain and reduce fever with MOTRIN® products.

Two women reading directions on a medicine bottle

Adult Dosing

Follow these dosing directions for MOTRIN® IB and MOTRIN® PM.